Francisco Garcia’s first plenary


Author: Reagrupament Sant Martí

Last Thursday evening, Reagrupament member Mr. Francisco Garcia, assisted to his first plenary as Barcelona’s Sant Martí District Councillior. Mr. Garcia occupy this position thanks to the internal agreements at Unitat x Barcelona (UxB) list, that managed to win two seats at Barcelona Local Council. UxB is a transversal pro-independence list formed by Reagrupament, Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya and Democràcia Catalana.

Before the plenary a citizens public hearing was held, that, as usual, was a bit hot as it is where citizens can express their dissatisfaction with the current crisis.

Once the plenary started, the first talk was Mr. Garcia’s, who charged against the inactivity of Barcelona ‘s Government, led by CiU, in Sant Martí district. The speech raised the applause in the hall.

Later, all the proposals raised by UxB passed.

Our comrade was accompanied on his first session by Ms. Ruth Carandell, Reagrupament’ Vicepresident, and also by three others, Barcelona based, members of Reagrupament National Executive: Mr. Marc Vinyoles, Mr. Ignasi Planas and Ms. Montserrat Tudela.

From here, we wish all the best to Mr. Francisco Garcia!

(Translation: JS)

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  1. All the best Francisco!