New Attack to Catalan language, weak reaction from puppet Government


Spokesman Francesc Homs has only lamented it and says that “Catalan speakers in Aragon will continue to use their language

Author:  RCat web team

The Generalitat –Catalonia’s government-  seems to be avoiding a stronger action to firmly defend the Catalan language that is also spoken, as it has been for centuries, in La Franja -a long stretch of land alongside Catalonia’s western border-  against  the last  ominous  project of Aragon’s Government which is reluctant to accept any linguistic rights of their Catalan speaking citizens. They are also trying to take Catalan’s name and recognition out of the regional legislation on languages and have so outrageously  invented out of the blue a brand new name for it which is completely wrong:  “Aragonese language from the East side”.

Generalitat ’s spokesman, Francesc Homs, has only lamented this new legislation adopted by Aragon’s government and has therefore left unprotected all Catalan speaking citizens in a region where the Catalan language is currently used by a vast majority of its inhabitants in a most genuine and lively way.

We will see, beyond  all this,  what comes out of it as people who speak Catalan will continue to speak it”, he just asserted. In a press conference after the weekly meeting of the Executive Council, Homs admitted:  “The truth is that it’s really difficult for me to understand this legal action on Aragon’s government side“. He just added: “Its content  is only too fussy to be perceived and we regret it”. And that’s all according to him.

This new attack against Catalan in La Franja comes just after the suppression by the Balearic Islands government of the condition of knowing it, as a must, to get a public employment there and keeps in the track of the traditional linguistic secessionism supported by fascists in València. Not to speak of several  judicial sentences which have recently been dictated against linguistic immersion at schools in Catalonia.  After all these serious attacks our puppet government, the Generalitat of Catalonia, have just made vague refusals in a very moderate way and, in the case of these alarming juridical sentences,  have just announced  they will present some appeals  to the Constitutional Court which was, by the way, responsible of suppressing the most valuable dispositions in our Estatut, especially those related favourably to our national language.

(Translation: JJTN)