Catalonia sells more abroad than to the rest of Spain

(ACN) Catalan exports to international markets have been growing over the last few years and in 2011 they overtook the amount Catalonia sells to the rest of Spain. Exports abroad represented 52.9% of Catalonia’s external trade, above the 47.1% that was sold to the rest of Spain. This is the main finding of the Catalan Economy Ministry’s report, released this Wednesday and called ‘Catalan external sector: Evolution of the trade with Spain’ (‘Sector exterior català: Evolució del comerç amb Espanya’). The report analyses data since the year 2000. In addition, 2011 is the first time that Catalonia has registered a positive balance of trade, which represented 1.8% of Catalonia’s GDP.

The report indicates that sales to the rest of Spain are stagnating, while in the last few years exports have significantly increased. Until last year, Catalonia’s only years with a positive balance of trade were due to the sales made throughout Spain. However, in 2011, exports were the main reason for the positive balance.

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