Spanish supreme court orders segregation by language

Today the Spanish Supreme Court has voided the clauses of the decree from the Generalitat of Catalonia regulating the Catalan language as the usual medium of instruction for the education of children from three to six years old. According to the no-longer valid clause 4.1, this affects specifically communication in Catalan during oral and written activities by pupils and teachers, text books, learning material and activities, evaluation activities and communication with families.Clause 4.3 has also been invalidated: ‘Children studying in nursery school have the right to be taught in Catalan and not to be separated in different class groups or schools because of their usual language. The individual linguistic rights of the students have to be respected in all cases in accordance with the current regulations.’ Therefore, the Spanish Supreme Court doesn’t accept the right to be taught in Catalan and, in practice, chooses segregating the children as per their usual language.

This sentence is a great attack to the immersion in Catalan. This is made obvious in the invalidation of the following clause (4.4): ‘Depending on the sociolinguistic reality of the students, Catalan language immersion methodologies will be carried out in order to encourage its knowledge.  Furthermore, clause 10, about the normalisation of the use of Catalan across the board, has been eliminated too.

Even the clause which promoted the preferential use of Catalan with newcomers has been annulled. ‘So as to seek the quickest possible integration of the foreign student to the Catalan Educational System, schools have to make preferential the learning of the Catalan language, the usual medium of expression in schools’ educational activities’, as dictates clause 14.3, invalidated by the Supreme Court.

Author: RCat Web Team