European Partnership for Independence

‘Every People and Nation has the right to manage themselves even prior to the application of any fundamental Human right’ 

607-A(VII) UN’s Resolution

The European Partnership for Independence (EPI) is an International working team that brings together the social movements from Flanders, Catalunya, Scotland and Euskal herria creating a common front to coordinate international actions to further the exercise of the Universal Right of Self-Determination.

EPI constitutes a natural meeting point for exchanging information which allows its members to understand from first hand what happens in each of the territories involved and which is the work that the social and political majority are doing to reach the independence.

We chose this UN’s resolution because illustrates how any individual right will prove useless to ensure a fair individual progress if the cultural/territorial community, that this individual belongs to, doesn’t have the tools to decide its own national policies and national juridical framework and, therefore, ‘his/her’ intimate given source of thought and emotion is officially denied.

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