The Catalan Government is already downsizing the fiscal pact

The Catalan government has lowered its aspirations concerning the fiscal pact they want to negotiate with the Spanish government. CiU has offered PP a gradualist option through which the concert would be applied step by step -considering we are in the midst of a crisis- if Catalonia had the key of the safe from the beginning. “We would agree to these terms” said the government spokesperson, Francesc Homs.

“In a crisis context the possibilities are reduced” stated Homs. According to him, the negotiations cannot be put off due to the crisis “because they will always have an excuse to postpone them” but “the way to implement it is a completely different matter”. CiU’s priority is to obtain the ‘key of the box’ for Catalonia to prevent another ‘on credit’ financial model based on trust which always leads to an eventual default on the side of the central government. “With the key of the box in our power, it would be the Spanish government who would have to trust Catalonia.”