The wave of freedom

All sociological studies made in Catalonia these last years indicate an incessant advance of independentism.  45% of Catalans would vote for independence according to the latest survey from Opinion Research Center

(Catalunya vol viure en Some would call it wave, others tsunami. Some would thread over on tiptoes, others will turn their backs at it, and others will belittle it or simply ignore it. But the political and social reality in Catalonia, the relentless rise of independentist feelings is undeniable, especially after the traumatic process of approval and subsequent double cut of the Estatut d’Autonomia: In 2006 by the Spanish Parliament, and in 2010 by the Spanish Constitutional Court, this last on a text already approved by referendum by the people of Catalonia.

This is not the single reason for feelings of anger and incomprehension in Catalonia towards the State, there are many more aspects: the historical deficit, with an annual leakage of up to 8% of Catalan GDP, the unjustified breach of the model tax and investment commitments acquired by Madrid, grievances in public works and centralized management of infrastructure; frontal hostility to the Catalan language, competence invasions; imposition of models and policies foreign to Catalan traditions, mutual and secular distrust … The list is huge and provides reasons for all tastes.

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