Spanish conservatives to further restrict linguistic rights of Catalan speakers

Spanish conservatives on the way to further restrict linguistic rights of Aragonese and Catalan speakers

(Nationalia) Popular Party-led Aragonese government to change law in order to “avoid imposition” of Aragon’s own languages · Chunta Aragonesista says the change will deal a “death blow” to Catalan and Aragonese · Civic organisations in the Franja ask for an official status for both languages and their use in education

Aragonese and Catalan languages are set to lose the official recognition they had gained in 2009. The Aragonese government, led by Popular Party Spanish conservatives (PP), announced yesterday that the current Law of languages will be substituted by another one in order to “avoid any kind of imposition” of Aragonese and Catalan. What is more, the new law will even drop the use of the name “Catalan” for the language spoken in the Franja (eastern area of the Aragonese territory) and will substitute it with the long, non-scientific denomination of  “own Aragonese language of the eastern area of the [autonomous] community”.

Aragonese minister for Education, University, Culture and Sports Dolores Serrat said that public administrations will no longer have any obligation to answer citizens who use Catalan or Aragonese in those languages. The new norm also foresees to create a single academy for all the so-called “linguistic modalities” of Aragon, which in practice means that the door is open to deny that Aragonese and Catalan are languages of their own. This contradicts the scientific community.

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