Castellers de Vilafranca to build first enormous eight-tier storey human tower on a rooftop

(PRNewswire via COMTEX) One of the world’s most unusual and spectacular team endeavors – the Catalan 300-year-old tradition of building multi-storey human towers called castells – will make its New York City debut on Wednesday, June 20 at 230 FIFTH Rooftop Bar & Penthouse Lounge, when the 150-member Castellers de Vilafranca will attempt a new world record by building the first eight-level castell ever assembled on a rooftop. No ladders, cranes or nets involved. The performance, which will also include the building of several smaller towers on 230 FIFTH’s palm-punctuated roof deck, will inaugurate a series of free public castell buildings throughout New York City from June 20 to 24 in honor of the rebuilding of the World Trade Center complex. Each tower will be an exercise in concentration, strength and balance as the barefooted participants form successively smaller tiers – resembling a human wedding cake – by climbing up the bodies of each layer to mount the shoulders of the previous tier until the tower is topped a by single nine-year-old child. An almost balletic, decidedly athletic and heart-stopping feat orchestrated to the melodies of a quartet playing Catalan music.

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