No Catalan at school, no national sport teams and no Catalonia Treasury


Only Catalonia’s independence will guarantee the protection of its national language at schools, will ensure national sports teams in official competitions and will also enable an independent treasury

 Three recent news endorsed today the idea that only Catalonia’s independence can assure an adequate protection of Catalan language at schools, having national sports teams fully recognized and setting up an independent treasury.  Juridical resolutions have been made public and one of them, made by the TSJC (Justice Superior Court), marks the beginning of linguistic segregation at schools according to; another one made by the TC (Constitutional Court) prescribes on Catalan sports teams at international competitions; finally, the claiming for an independent Catalan Treasury is considered an “absurd” issue according to Mr. Josep Antoni Duran Lleida’s opinion, .

1. Beginning of linguistic segregation at schools and refusal of Catalan language priority at Barcelona’s City Hall

Last TSJC resolution endorses the initial process of linguistic segregation at Catalan schools according to a warning made by which assembles all main civic and educational entities in this country. A previous resolution (8th March) already allowed this new trend which seems now consolidated. Last sentences lead to an irreversible process that attacks the Catalan model of linguistic immersion which has been implemented for the last 30 years. Immersion programs and the use of Catalan as a conducting school language have proved to be essential educational resources as to ensure equal opportunities to all students and in order to give access to them all to a cultural and symbolic world that otherwise would be a heritage for only half of Catalonia’s population. Now wants no more talking about them being just a few minority cases or families, nor considers this just an anecdote. This is more about a well designed strategy in order to challenge the factual model of Catalan school teaching.  Every time is more evident that only an independent Catalan state will guarantee Catalan as the conducting language at school.

In the same way, the TSJC has revoked Catalan as the priority language at Barcelona’s City Hall (the regulations of which were endorsing such procedure)  and so this Court has accepted the appeal made by PP representatives.

2. Catalan sport teams are not compatible with Spanish ones
A sentence from the TC (Constitutional Court) restricts the participation of Catalan sports teams in international competitions as to avoid in any case any confrontations between Catalan and Spanish teams. The interests of any team representing any Spanish Sport Federation must always be prevalent.

3. Duran thinks the claim for an independent Catalan Treasury is an “absurd idea”

CiU’s general secretary, Josep-Antoni Duran Lleida, a unionist politician, has recently told in Madrid that it would be an “absurd idea” to think about Catalonia having its own Treasury. He said so just a few hours after the summit of Catalan parties held in Barcelona in order to precisely reach an agreement on the so called “fiscal pact” , a proposal presented by Catalan president Artur Mas himself.


Author: RCat web team

Translation: JMTN