Constitutional Court allows Catalan national teams to compete internationally …

… but never against Spain

Barcelona (ACN).- Spain’s Constitutional Court dismissed the appeal presented in 1999 by the Spanish Government against Catalan sports federations competing at international level. However, according to the sentence issued on Thursday, Catalan national teams cannot play in competitions where the Spanish national team is present. The Court stated that Catalan teams can compete internationally “in sports where no Spanish federation exists”. In addition, they can compete when they do not “impede or disturb the coordination and international representation powers of the Spanish State”. The Catalan law from 1999 emphasised “the will of Catalan sport to enjoy an international representation, as an objective very much rooted over time”. The Constitutional Court stated that this “does not necessarily mean an invasion of [the Spanish] State power defending the interests of federated Spanish sport”. According to the Catalan Government, this means that the 21 Catalan national teams that currently are members of international federations will be able to continue competing at international level. “It is a first step”, stated the Catalan Government’s Sports Secretary, Ivan Tibau. However, the Government’s objective is to work for the international recognition of all the Catalan sport federations and their right to compete at international level.

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