Jordi Gomis i Ollé, we will miss you!


Jordi Gomis i Ollé died this weekend in a fatal climbing accident at the Aneto, in the Pyrenees. He was member of  Reagrupament National Executive. We will miss Jordi so much.  Our sympathies to his family.

2 Responses to Jordi Gomis i Ollé, we will miss you!

  1. Joseph Munoz Marti

    He was my brother in law, I am married to his sister Josepa. He was more than a brother in law since I knew him from birth. Jordi had immense energy for life. Nothing was ever too much trouble for him. We live in England but whenever we went back to Catalunya, Jordi was always part of that. The last time we spent with him was in February in the Vall D’Aran skiing. He was always a role model to us and Reagrupament and the Catalan cause should be proud to have know him.
    Keep fighting for what he believed in. Everyday it becomes clearer to me that Catalan Independence is the key and I believe that as events unfold opportunities will emerge to this end.

  2. I am his sister’s daughter. I always thought of him as a hero and I still look up to him as a hero. The pride our family has reflects the love we had for him. He is very central to our family. All that the rest of the world need to know is that he was and is loved and always has been and always be. He had so much love in his heart and time for everybody.