Massive demonstration in Barcelona in defence of public education

[ACN] Barcelona.-Thousands of people demonstrated on Tuesday in Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Tarragona and other Catalan cities in support of the public education system and against the Catalan and Spanish Government cuts in education. Teachers, administrative staff, students and families with children marched together, defending quality primary, secondary and university education. Many wore yellow T-shirts with the motto ‘SOS Quality in Public Education’ on them. The protest had been organised at Spanish level by education trade unions. Barcelona hosted one of the largest demonstrations. 25,000 people according to the Catalan Police and 150,000 according to the organisers, marched from Plaça Universitat and to Ciutadella park, a journey that lasted over two hours. The demonstration passed off peacefully. There was an extensive police presence, including helicopters controlling the protest from the air.

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