Catalan president to make an official visit to Denmark

Date: 10.08.2017

Author: Helle Kettner

Source: CNA

Carles Puigdemont is going to the Nordic country on August 30-31, only one month before the referendum

The Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, is going on a 2-day official visit to Denmark this August, only one month before the referendum on October 1. Puigdemont will be in the Nordic country on August 30-31, according to sources at the Catalan presidency.

“A peaceful and democratic dialogue”

Catalonia’s political situation is not at all new to the Kingdom of Denmark. In May 2015, Folketinget, the Parliament of Denmark, approved a proposal requesting Spain and Catalonia to establish “a peaceful and democratic dialogue” on the self-determination claim and “the question of Catalonia’s independence.”

puigdemont34567The motion (forespørgselsdebat) was approved with the support of 6 of the 8 parliamentary groups and the abstention of the other two, resulting in 64 votes in favor, 41 abstentions and 0 votes against. The Danish Folketing was the first EU parliament to debate on Catalonia.

“Even though it seems ordinary to say that there should be a peaceful and democratic dialogue, it is quite groundbreaking in the Spanish/Catalan context”, said the MP from the Red-Green Alliance, Nikolaj Villumsen, to the Danish news agency Ritzau after the approval of the proposal. It was the MP Villumsen who filed the question to the Danish Foreign Minister.

Danish flags all around Catalonia

Not many Danes were aware of the debate in their national parliament, but they sure became aware of it when the Danish media starting posting pictures of Catalan buildings waving the “Dannebrog” (the Danish flag) as a way of showing their gratitude towards Denmark and its people for debating Catalonia in the parliament.

600 “Thank you” e-mails 

“It belongs to the rarities that votings in Folketinget go straight to the top on the social media. And it is even more rare, when they go beyond the country’s borders,” said the Danish public broadcaster, Danmarks Radio, in an article some days after the proposal was approved by the Danish parliament. “Nonetheless, the result of the voting became trending topic on Twitter in Barcelona,” it further said. But besides becoming trending topic on Twitter, subsequent to the debate and approval of the proposal, the Danish Parliament we flooded with 600 e-mails from Catalans saying thank you.

“Catalonia’s strong leader”

As a matter of fact, this week one of the most important Danish newspapers Politiken published an article explaining the Catalan/Spanish conflict, in which they portrayed the Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont as “Catalonia’s strong leader ready for the final showdown with Spanish dominance.”

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