Puigdemont: “France’s pain is also Catalonia’s”

Date: 16.07.2016

Author: Laia Vicens

Source: Ara in English

Catalan political leaders from all parties deplored the massacre and showed their solidarity with the victims on social networks


During a short, formal speech Catalan president Carles Puigdemont extended his government’s “most heartfelt condolences” to the French people and offered Catalonia’s “solidarity” after the tragedy last night in Nice, which Puigdemont called a “terrorist attack by a blood-thirsty criminal”. “France’s pain is also Catalonia’s”, said the Catalan leader, who went on to read a French version of his statement. “We won’t be defeated, they won’t split us up and we won’t renounce our commitment to the people that terrorists prey on”, he stressed.

Puigdemont’s address came immediately after chairing a meeting of the anti-terror coordination cabinet. He emphasised that the Catalan police is “firmly committed” to “fighting and neutralising” terrorist threats. Furthermore, the Catalan president assured that Catalonia would cooperate with the French authorities, as the Catalan people are France’s “neighbours, brothers and friends”.

The other political parties also voiced outrage at the massacre

Catalan political leaders expressed their condolences and outrage at the attack —where 84 people lost their lives— through messages on social media where they showed their solidarity towards the victims’ families and the people of France. The Catalan government, the Barcelona City council and representatives of all political parties gathered in Plaça de Sant Jaume where a minute’s silence was held to express their sympathy. Official flags are flying at half-mast.

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