Mas elected President of the Catalan Democratic Party

Date: 25.07.2016

Source: CNA


Former Catalan President, Artur Mas, has won the primary elections to lead the Catalan Democratic Party (PDC), the new political force which has emerged after former governing liberal Convergència’s reinvention process. Mas’ candidacy also includes Neus Munté, the Catalan Government’s spokeswoman, who has been designated PDC’s vice president. The presidential tandem obtained 95.07% of votes and will work together with the general coordinators, Marta Pascal and David Bonvehí, whose candidacy ‘Amb tothom’ (‘With everyone’) obtained 87.76% of the votes in the second round vote. Mas defined the PDC as a “very necessary party” which will have to address the challenge of creating “an independent and free Catalonia within the EU”. “This is a new party because we want a new country” he stated and added that PDC “is getting off to a good start”.

“This is a project which is at the citizens’ service” stated Mas in a press conference on Saturday and added that PDC’s potential voters “expect a strong, modern and attractive party”, an “up-to-date instrument to deal with the new challenges ahead”. 

A unilateral referendum on independence “is a real option”

PDC’s recently designated general coordinator, Marta Pascal, stated that the unilateral referendum on independence is not only an “open way” but also “a real option” for Catalonia. “It is a step forward and we are not closed to anything”, she added. 

Regarding the upcoming vote of confidence that Catalan President, Carles Puidemont, will submit himself to in September, Pascal considered that “the ball is now in CUP’s court”. “They have to decide now if they add or deduct in this process”, she stated and considered that supporting Puigdemont implies passing the bill for 2016. 

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