The Swiss parliament to create “friendship group” to follow the Catalan process

Date: 27.04.206

Author: Bernat Ferrer

Source: El Món English

A Socialist and a Christian democrat MP promote the formation of a space to “focus the attention of the government on the Catalan issue”


A group of MPs in the Swiss parliament will set up a “friendship group for Switzerland-Catalonia in June to closely follow the development of the independence process. That is what El Món has been told by the Socialist Party national councillor – or MP-Mathias Reynard, who together with the Christian democrat Yannick Buttet, is promoting the creation of this group. Reynard and Buttet already began the initiative in September, during the electoral campaign for the 27-S election, to urge their government to offer itself as a mediator between Catalonia and Spain.

Reynard, in an interview with El Món, explained that he and Buttet want “to focus the attention of other parliamentarians and the government on the Catalan issue. Thus, they believe creating a stable group of MPs would be a useful mechanism for tracking the development of Catalan politics. And, eventually, to intervene in it.

For the moment, the two representatives still do not know how many of the 200 parliamentarians in the National Council will join the initiative. In a few days’ time they intend to send a letter to explain the motives behind the creation of this group, and to invite others to take part in the initiative. In June, depending on the response they get, the group will begin working.

At the time of the 27-S election, the Socialist and the Christian democrat got the support from a representative of each of the other political parties in the chamber – the Democratic Union of the Centre, the Green Liberal Party and the Green Party – for a parliamentary petition to urge the government to offer Madrid and Barcelona Switzerland’s “good offices” in neutral and democratic matters to “guarantee [political] mediation. Reynard understands that this consensus between the five “will be maintained”, and will therefore produce a more plural group in following the Catalan situation.

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