“An independent Catalonia will pay tolls”, says Dr. Joan Carretero (Interview)

  • Author: Albert Prieto / Photo: AdriĂ  Costa | Source: La Torre del Palau

    Joan Carretero, leader of Reagrupament Independentista, visited Terrassa to attend a dinner with non-affiliated citizens. Carretero commented the current situation of catalan politics and maintained that Catalonia is completely enslaved by Spain. “The Generalitat is unable to do anything. It has never been able to do much, but at present every decision is dictated from Madrid. The evident example is the budget of the Generalitat. Approved a while ago, has to be made afresh because the state budget has become obsolete. All decisions come from Madrid. The autonomic state has long been useless and Catalans have now to choose between independence and assimilation.”

    Reagrupament leader is convinced CiU government will call early elections, and expressed his discontent with the Spanish government. “PP is doing what the Spanish government always does. The exclusive competences of the Generalitat have always been only wishful thinking and any low-level Spanish law might overcome the decision capacity of the whole Catalan autonomy. This situation is lately becoming worse, showing the regional government is merely an agent.”

    Joan Carretero also opined on the “I don’t want to pay tolls” campaign: “It is a small sympthom of the serious illness we are suffering. People are angry, they are fed up, and they have said “that’s enough”. But the day we are independent we will continue paying tolls, which will be differently regulated. Pretending there will no tolls is a utopia. A different matter is the abusive amounts we currently pay.” Regarding the possible fines of 100 euros, the indĂ©pendantiste politician stated that “CiU always does everything ‘very well’. On one hand they announce they understand perfectly the reasons of whoever does not want to pay, and on the other announce fines for the infractors. They always have somebody to encourage one alternative and somebody else to support the opposite. Still, the Catalan government has no leeway at all, either in the subject of highways or on any other.”

    For her part, the local coordinator of Reagrupament, Ramona Vergés (left), announced they will soon put forward a motion to ask the City Council for a decision about whether it will or not adhere to Municipalities for Independence. Terrassa is one of the largest cities in Catalonia and we must make a decision, even if there is no nationalist presence at the city council she said.

    According to VergĂ©s, Reagrupament Terrassa currently enlists almost a hundred people and its health is ‘good’. VergĂ©s declares she is for the “I don’t want to pay tolls” campaign and requests the suppression of the toll at Les Fonts.

    Translation: JSG