Bloomberg · Catalonia’s Mas Urges Single Pro-Secession List for Election


Catalan President Artur Mas said a possible regional election should serve as a de-facto referendum on independence from Spain.

Pro-secession parties should field a single list of candidates to increase the chance of winning an outright majority, Mas said in a speech in Barcelona last night. If there are multiple lists of candidates who favor breaking away from Spain, the result will only serve as an endorsement of independence if one list wins a majority on its own, Mas said.

Mas is detailing his secession plan as his political stock rises after he defied a Constitutional Court injunction to hold an unofficial vote on independence Nov. 9. The Catalan National Assembly, the civil-society group that led hundreds of thousands of protesters onto the streets of Barcelona in September, is pushing him to capitalize on separatist momentum by using an election as a de facto independence referendum.

After a regional election, “there can’t be a discussion about what was the vote about,” Mas told an audience of thousands, including his separatist rival Oriol Junqueras. “There can’t be excuses to confuse the result’s interpretation, nor at home nor in the rest of the world.”

Mas didn’t disclose when he plans to call early regional elections. […]

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