The West Australian · Leader of Spain’s Catalonia region wants early polls on independence


The head of the regional Catalan government, Artur Mas, said Tuesday he wants to hold early elections in the wealthy region centred in independence from the rest of Spain.

The election, which would involve a joint lists of candidates from all parties that favour independence, is the “only” way to allow Catalans to voice their opinion after a symbolic independence referendum held on November 9 that was opposed by the central government, he added.

The elections would be part of a six-step process which would be completed before the end of 2016 aimed at creating an independent state which Mas unveiled during a speech in Barcelona on Catalonia’s future after the referendum.

“The moment has come to use the only tool that we have left to be able to hold the consultation,” he said before an audience of 3,000 people who frequently applauded.

“Having gotten so far it would not be understandable that we now stopped on the path we have begun. We need to know with precision if there is a clear majority in Catalonia to have a state or not.”

The Catalan leader did not set a date for the early elections in the northeastern region. Elections are not due in Catalonia before 2016.

If the joint list wins an absolute majority, the regional government that emerges would then inform Spain and the international community of “the intent to form a state in Catalonia,” Mas said. […]

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