A quarrel between two countries


The problems and disagreements between Catalonia and Spain are as diverse as their nature. In themselves, they could all have a political solution. But they won’t, because there can’t be any dialogue between Catalonia and Spain.

The power relations are clear. Spain is the state, with all its instruments and powers. Catalonia, on the other hand, is embodied primarily by its citizens; a substantial portion of the population is very mobilised and the vast majority agrees to accept collective decisions. The most interesting aspect uncovered by opinion polls is not the social base of the pro-independence movement, but the majority’s willingness to accept collective decisions: a true national consensus. Resting on its mobilised, debating citizens, Catalonia also has its own administration, albeit limited and conditioned by the State.

This is no easy struggle for either party and, naturally, both pay a price. Not just Catalonia. It should be noted that Spain pays a price, too. The political success of the 9N vote confused and baffled Spanish society, and it enraged and humiliated important sectors.

If anyone in a position to solve the conflict wanted to do so, they would seek mediators who would soon make an unexpected discovery: besides their political and financial differences, Spain and Catalonia are living in two dramatically different historic times. […]

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