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  • “The Diada conveyed a positive message to markets”, B. Brasack (Germany)
    “The Diada conveyed a positive message to markets”, B. Brasack (Germany)

    Source: Nació Digital First Posted: 30.09.2012 Author: Bernat Ferrer Interview with german consul in Barcelona, Bernhard Brasack German consul in Barcelona believes that the Catalan independence movement listed on the rise since the 11s and says that “there is no reason to be afraid” of a Spanish military intervention. With a 204 milions euros in Read more

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  • SÚMATE, juntos vamos a construir un nuevo país.
    SÚMATE, juntos vamos a construir un nuevo país.

    Súmate está formada en gran parte por catalanes de lengua y cultura castellana/española que, por cuestiones familiares y/o de origen, hemos mantenido este patrimonio sin renunciar a nuestras raíces, pero tampoco queremos renunciar a nuestro futuro. Por eso necesitamos que te sumes, para llegar cada día a más gente, para que nadie hable por nosotros. Watch it

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  • A bunch of Cowards
    A bunch of Cowards

    09.04.2014 Sources: GTIR and others The Spanish Congreso de los Diputados has rejected the request from the Parliament of Catalonia to transfer the power to organise referendums to the Catalan Government, using Article 150.2 of the Constitution in order to organise an agreed self-determination vote in Catalonia. After a seven-hour debate, 299 members of parliament voted against ... Read more

  • We want to Vote
    We want to Vote

    Mr. Ban Ki-Moon Secretary General of the United Nations New York Dear Secretary General, Greetings from Catalonia. This is to inform you that millions of citizens in Catalonia, an old nation in Europe with our own language, culture and identity (at present an autonomous region with our own government and Legislative Assembly within the Kingdom ... Read more