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  • Will Lithuania become’s Catalonia’s Iceland? (Opinion)
    Will Lithuania become’s Catalonia’s Iceland? (Opinion)

    Date: 29.06.2014 Source: The Lithuania Tribune (first published 06.06.2014) Author: Kęstutis Girnius In September the Scots will be holding a widely discussed referendum on their withdrawal from the United Kingdom. Much less attention is paid to Catalans’ intention to hold a referendum in November on their secession from Spain, even though the latter, in some respects, is Read more

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  • Self-Determination Processes in the EU: The Case of Catalonia

    This half-day symposium co-hosted on 25 October 2013 by the UCL European Institute and the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (Diplocat) discussed recent claims some EU member states have faced by one of their constituent regions to be granted the right to decide on their separation from the state. In each case, what is at Watch it

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  • Presidential threats (Opinion)
    Presidential threats (Opinion)

    Date: 22.08.2014 Author: Quim Torra Source: Vilaweb They’ve been running through the rumor mill and floating across the airwaves, but yesterday, the suspicions were confirmed: Luis María Ansón announced to the El Mundo newspaper that the Spanish secret service and the Spanish National Intelligence Centre are investigating President Mas. The reason is clear: Mas’ commitment ... Read more

  • Catalonia, an inclusive society
    Catalonia, an inclusive society

    Date: 19.08.2014 Source: Catalonia Votes Catalonia has a strong local identity. But it has also a vibrant tradition of integrating those from elsewhere who want to come here. Around a fifth of those living in Catalonia were born in other countries, and around the same number (perhaps slightly more) were born elsewhere in Spain. Many ... Read more